I am David Watts

Fullstack Software Engineer Application Developer Entrepreneur Mobile App Developer Software Architecture These are my passions

About me

My Story

In a time long ago (mid 90's), I got my first PC and was taught by my Uncle how to (using the MS-DOS prompt) to install and play Doom and Duke Nukem. This opened me up to the world of technology and what I deem as the start of my path to creating amazing software applications of many types. With a very logical as well as creative mind, I am able to apply the best of both worlds to the applications that I am a part of. I have been a part of a number of startup projects and have discovered it is the process in which I thrive.

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personal information

  • name:David Watts
  • Birthday:June 17, 1986:
  • address:Sacramento,California

key skills



Senior Fullstack Software Engineer @ Fullstack Labs


Create and manage applications for multiple clients using the latest technologies such as ReactJS, Node, Python, SASS(css), PostgresSQL, AWS

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer @ SBM


As part of a medium sized team, we use combinations of Typescript,C#,AngularJS/Angular2, SASS(css) and NodeJs to create enterprise applications.

Software Engineer II


Planning,management and implementation of Web Applications using .NET, C#, Angular(Javascript) and SQL Server. Develop and maintain legacy applications that are used internally. Develop and maintain multiple public facing websites for business units of the company.

Lead Developer and CTO @ Teranomic


Lead small team in creating and maintaing applications for all different types of public and private sector clients.

Freelance Development


With an entrepreneurial spirit I never let a moment go to waste that can be used to create something new and amazing!


web development

Create scalable and performant web applications.

Web design

Make a good looking modern website or application.


Create anything from a blog to an online store front.


Over cups of coffee, let's create and develop an software you can dream of!

support & consultation

Need help with maintaining existing web products? Or just need a helping hand?


If someone was just looking to hire a top tier Fullstack Software Engineer David is an obvious choice. However, a top tier Engineer is just the tip of the iceberg of what you get with David. He is a dedicated and passionate person who, not only has the talent to create amazing software, but also the ability to be a team player and a mentor. David helped me grow my development skills immensely while we worked on a team together. As a designer hybrid on an engineering team it is rare to find someone who is willing to look at both sides of the product's coin like David does. He is truly someone who just wants to create the best work possible.

Curtis Currier

UI/UX Engineer @ SBM 2016

David is a very talented developer who can work in a number of languages effectively. He is exceedingly easy to work with. All of my interactions with him have been efficient and amiable. He is a friendly guy and a very hard worker. He would serve as a valuable member of any team.

Wade S Cowper

COO @ Teranomic 2014

David is a wonderful programmer and supervisor. David helped me in my programming internship by giving good leadership and guidance. He was quick to respond and gave through instructions and advice. I'd highly recommend David to any company.

Marie McAdams

Software Developer @ Teanomic 2014

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Roseville, CA